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The operation of the stepping system accuracy problem
BrowseNumber:1007次;ReleaseDate:2015-11-05 11:24:25

If we talk about the precision of the motion system, you will find many factors have an effect on its. Considering the precision of the system, the engineer must know how to give in motor, drive or controller coordination to achieve the desired operation precision.

A common mistake is to make the precision of the system error all come down to the problem of motor. From the Angle of the stepper motor, the need to satisfy some tolerance standards, including mechanical tolerance and tolerance. Phase winding inductance of the imbalance is an important factor, other reasons include the pole shoe, rotor misalignment, uneven air gap between stator and stator tooth groove, and the torque ripple, etc. And continue to control these parameters is not very difficult.

We know that the motor stator winding of the windings inductance is proportional to the square of the number of turns, as long as using appropriate winding process can ensure consistency between the phase inductance. Many stepper motor manufacturers have used automatic winding equipment to ensure the consistency. Rotor magnetic material, of course, also should be good to ensure the consistency of the motor is the same in each phase inductance. Other specifications index is associated with mechanical. As long as manufacturers use reliable and high quality components and good process control to ensure that the stator uniform grinding capacity, can get satisfactory accuracy. As Lin Engineering company Belal Azim, due to ensure the two phase bipolar stepper motor phase inductance within + / - 5% error, so 0.9 degrees of stepper motor in the use of 64 microstep driving mode, the arc position error can reach + / - 1.5 points, including the precision and accuracy. Meet the above conditions, stepper motor can completely meet the requirements of indicators.

The remaining task is to make the driver/controller should tell stepper motor sport where and how to exercise, and not due to drive their accuracy is not high and reduce the accuracy of the motor. A subdivision drive motor winding by providing specific excitation current, tell how many micro step motor needs to be run. Stepper motor running in the whole step mode, the highest precision, because it is consistent with the characteristics of mechanical design of the motor. The stator tooth is squarely aligned and flows winding current is the largest. Along with the increase of the fine fraction step torque Angle decreases, it increasingly difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the positioning of the at this time.


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