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The points of attention in the stepper motor applications
BrowseNumber:1008次;ReleaseDate:2015-11-05 11:20:27

1, the stepper motor is applied to low speed occasions - speed does not exceed 1000 RPM, 6666 PPS (0.9 degrees), had better be in 1000-3000 used between PPS (0.9 degrees c), can work through the reduction gear to make it here, the motor work with high efficiency, low noise.

Step 2, step motor, had better not use the whole state of the step state vibration.

3, due to historical reasons, only a nominal for the 12 v voltage of motor using 12 v, the other motor voltage value is not driving voltage v, can choose according to drive the driving voltage (tips: 57 byg adopts dc 24 v and 36 v, 86 byg adopts dc 50 v, 110 byg USES the above dc 110 v), 12 volts, of course, in addition to the 12 v constant voltage driver can also be driven by its his power, but to consider the temperature rise.

4, big moment of inertia of the load should choose motor frame size larger.

5, the motor in the high speed and large inertia loads, generally not starting in her work, and use frequency speed gradually rise, a step motor do not break, 2 can reduce the noise at the same time can improve the positioning precision of the stop.

6, high precision, through mechanical speed, increase the speed of the motor, the driver and fine fraction is high to solve, also can use 5 phase motor, but its price is more expensive, of the whole system manufacturers, its elimination is just rubbish.

7, motor should not work in vibration zone, if must be by changing the voltage, current, or add some damping.

8, motor work under 600 PPS (0.9 degrees c), small current should be adopted, large inductance and low voltage to drive.

9, should follow the principle of first to choose after motor drive.


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