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Stepper motor static index terms
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Phase number: create an extremely different N, S magnetic field coil logarithmic. Commonly used m said.

Take count: the number needed to complete the periodic changes in A magnetic field pulses or conducting state expressed with n, or refers to the motor turns A pitch Angle pulse number, four phase motor, for example, there are four phase four operation modes is AB - BC - CD - DA - AB, four phase eight beats operation mode is A - AB - B - BC - C - CD - D - DA - A.

Interval Angle: corresponds to a pulse signal, motor rotor turning angular displacement with theta. Theta = 360 degrees (rotor teeth number J * run beats), with conventional phase two, four, rotor teeth of 50 motor as an example. Four runtime Interval Angle is theta = 360 degrees/(50 * 4) = 1.8 degrees (commonly known as a whole step), eight beats runtime interval Angle is theta = 360 degrees / 50 * (8) = 0.9 degrees (common weighs half a step


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